Art On The Farm Doctors — Most Australians believe their managers don’t care

Most Australians believe their managers don’t care

Written by . Posted at 11:43 am on November 15th, 2016

There is a hierarchy in the level of staffing in every organisation. At the top is the management team, followed by the supervisors, with the frontline employers on the bottom of the stack. It is vital to develop a relationship between all. There may not be daily interaction between each level, but working together toward common goals is extremely important.

In any workgroup, communication is important. After all, members of the company should talk and report to each and everyone about important matters happening not only in the interior, but exterior sides of the company as well. The lower levels need to submit reports to management regarding their performance, progress towards the company’s goals, motivating, and encouraging employees on the floor. The supervisor is the go-between that interacts with both upper management and frontline staff, but the relationship between these two levels is necessarily different.

To start developing a constructive relationship, you need regular and consistent coaching that utilises balanced feedback. You need to have consistent communication so it necessary to spend time each day observing employees, coaching them to encourage critical behaviours, and providing instant feedback with accurate and specific details.

Developing a good working relationship is critical to the company’s success, sustainability, and profitability whether the relationship is between the frontline supervisor and his or her employees or upper management.

Making your employees feel valued is vital. But according to an article published by Business Insider, most Australians believe that their managers don’t care about them. To read the full article, click this: