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June 5th 2014

10 Signs of Nasal Infection

Reaction to airborne allergens, such as dust particles, house dust mites, Pollen, the vapours from aerosol sprays and chemicals such as pesticides are the most common causes of nasal infection and inflammation.

If you have a nasal infection, then you need to avoid foods that produce extra mucus such as dairy foods, also citrus fruits, spicy food, excess carbohydrates (sugar, bread, Pasta etc), ice cream, chilled drinks and bananas.

In this video, you’ll learn the 10 important signs of nasal infection. This will help you understand and be prepared at the same time. Check out the vide below:

May 20th 2014

Things You Need to Learn About Nasal Polyp

Nasal Polyp is a condition which makes people sick and very irritated. This sickness is related to the nose of the human being. Polyps are actually the swollen skin that links inside the large air spaces. They can be found in the bones of your nose that is in general called as sinuses.

Polyps are looks like small bunches of grapes. One to 4% of all people have polyps and they are two to four times more common on males. Polyps are commonly caused because of the allergy or due to infection. Due to this condition, one will feel short of breathing or unable to breathe.

Watch the video below to learn more about the nasal polyps: